How do I renew after my agreement has ended?

📱 Interested in renewing your current rental device? Have a read of the information below for a comprehensive end-to-end guide on how to renew your current device, including the renewal process online, and the details of your renewed rental agreement.


How do I renew my current rental agreement to keep renting my device?

📩 When you're eligible to renew your rental agreement within 14 days, we'll send you an email with some customised renewal options. This will include the option to renew your current agreement on a lower monthly payment plan.

👉 From your renewal email, click Renew My Contract, and you'll be taken to My Account. 

👉 Once there, you'll be shown your old and new monthly payment plans to show how much you'll save. If you want to renew and keep your current device, click Renew & Save

👉 On the next screen, we'll prepare the details of your new 12-month rental agreement for your current device.

👉 We'll provide you with your Pre-Contractual Agreement that you can read on-screen. If you'd like to download a copy instead, click the Download pre-contractual information link to save it as a PDF.

👉 Once you're happy with the information, click I have read and agree to the pre-contractual information, and then click Continue.

👉 Next, you'll need to confirm you're happy with the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions. If you're happy, click Agree and Continue. You can also expand the Terms and Conditions on-screen by clicking the '+' button.

✅ On the final screen, you'll need to confirm your payment details are correct. We'll use your card details from your original 12-month rental agreement. If you'd like to update your card details, click Add New Card. Once you're happy, click Complete

🎉 After finalising your new 12-month rental agreement, you'll see an order confirmation screen with an overview of your agreement for your current device. We'll also email the details of your new 12-month rental agreement to you.


Do I need to do anything else after finalising my new rental agreement online?

✅ Nope - that's all there is to it!

📩 We'll email you a copy of your new 12-month rental agreement. If any of your details changed since your previous agreement, we'll automatically update them in your My Account section.


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