How do I upgrade after my agreement has ended?

📈 Reached the end of your agreement and interested in upgrading to a different rental device? Have a read of the information below for a comprehensive end-to-end guide on how to upgrade. This includes:

▶ How to complete the renewal process online.
▶ How to return your previous rental device back to us.
▶ What happens once you've returned your old rental device back to us.

How do I upgrade?

📩 When you're eligible to renew your rental agreement within 14 days, we'll send you an email with some personalised renewal options.

👉 From your renewal email, click Upgrade, and you'll be taken to My Account where you can choose your renewal device. 

📝 There are lots of different 12-month renewal plans that you can choose from. You can browse by clicking the filters at the top of the Choose a Rental plan step.

👉 Once you've chosen the 12-month plan that suits you, click Continue.

📈 On the Choose Upgrade step, you can pick the storage capacitycolour, and condition (Pristine, Very Good, Good) for your renewal device.

Changing any of these will alter the monthly rental price accordingly, so double-check this. Generally speaking, the better the storage/condition of the device, the higher the monthly rental price will be.

👉 When you're happy, click Continue With This Upgrade.

👉 On the next screen, choose your FREE phone case. The available options are based on the current stock at the time of your upgrade.

👉 Next, you'll be shown an overview of your new 12-month rental plan. This will include:

▶ Your Personal Details - you can edit any personal details at this stage.
▶ Your Order Summary - an overview of your rental plan including your order number, contract length, and new monthly payment amount.
▶ Your Rental Upgrade Basket - an overview of your renewal device, screen protector, and phone case.

👉 When you're happy, click Confirm Details and we'll prepare the details of your new rental agreement using your details.

👉 On the next screen, we'll provide you with your Pre-Contractual Agreement that you can read on-screen. If you'd like to download a copy instead, click the Download pre-contractual information link to save it as a PDF.

👉 Once you're happy with the information, click I have read and agree to the pre-contractual information, and then click Continue.

👉 Next, you'll need to confirm you're happy with the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions. If you're happy, click Agree and ContinueYou can also expand the Terms and Conditions on-screen by clicking the '+' button.

✅ On the final screen, you'll need to confirm your payment details are correct. We'll use your card details from your original rental agreement. If you'd like to update your card details, click Add New Card. Once you're happy, click Complete

🎉 After finalising your new 12-month rental agreement, you'll see an order confirmation screen with an overview of your new upgrade. We'll also email the details of your new 12-month rental agreement to you.


I've completed the upgrade process online. What happens next?

🚚 Once you've completed your upgrade online, we'll send your device on a Royal Mail Tracked 24 service. Your new rental device should reach you within 1 working day of dispatch.

📩 Once your new device has been dispatched, we'll email you to let you know. Your email will contain your tracking number so you can track its progress on Royal Mail's website.

📲 When you receive your new rental device, you should back up your data on your previous device and transfer it to your new rental device.

📦 After transferring your data, you must send your previous rental device back to us so we can end your previous agreement.

❗ Please noteyou will have 2 rental agreements running simultaneously until your previous device is returned and processed (subject to our Condition Review). Please make sure you return your previous device as soon as you receive your new renewal device.

How can I return my previous rental device back to you?

Before returning your device, please make sure to do the following:

✅ Remove your iCloud* / Samsung** Account from your previous rental device.

✅ Remove your SIM card from your previous rental device to use in your renewal device.

✅ Any external memory cards are removed from your previous rental device.

✅ Your data has been removed, backed up, and transferred to your renewal device.

❓ *For further information on how to remove your iCloud account, click here

**For further information on how to remove your Samsung account, click here.

♻ Place your previous rental device into the packaging that your new rental device arrived in.

👇 To return your old rental device, please follow the below steps:

🎫 You will be emailed a QR code. Take your QR code to your nearest Post Office. They will scan the code, print the label, attach it to your box and return your device back to us.

📄 Make sure to keep a copy of your tracking receipt so you can track the progress of your return.


I've returned my previous rental device to you. What happens now? 

📦 Your return should reach us within 2-3 working days of the item being posted via the Post Office.

📩 Once we've received your return, we'll let you know by email.

📋 Your device will then go through a Condition Review to ensure that it falls within our fair wear and tear policy. 

✅ If your device passes our review, we'll end your previous agreement.


What happens if my previous rental device does not pass the Condition review?

👉 If your previous rental device fails our Condition Review, you may have to pay a variable cost depending on the extent of the damage.

📩 The exact cost of any variable costs to be paid will be communicated to you by email.

📝 Upon successful clearance of the variable cost payment, we'll end your previous rental agreement.


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