Will I own the device at the end of my rental agreement?

No, you do not own the device at the end of the rental agreement. 

The device or product will remain the property of musicMagpie throughout the entirety of the rental agreement. 

Towards the end of your agreement period, we will contact you and offer the following options: 

1️⃣ Keep your current device, and we'll establish a lower monthly payment plan for a further 12 month agreement.

2️⃣ Upgrade to a different model on a new 12-month agreement.

3️⃣ Return your current device and end your rental agreement. 


We do not offer the option to buy the device at the end of your Rental Agreement either. The item must be returned to us once you have finished renting it from us.

❓ For more information on end of agreement options, click here.


Please note, the options listed above are offered depending on each individual customers eligibility.



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