What will happen to my payments at the end of my rental agreement?

It depends on what you choose to do at the end of your agreement!
1️⃣ If you choose to upgrade, you'll need to return your old device and we'll send your new one out on a new, 12-month rental agreement. Your new monthly payment amount will be established for your new agreement.

2️⃣ If you choose to keep your current device on a new 12-month agreement, your monthly payments will continue to be debited on the same payment date.

3️⃣ If you choose to return your device and cancel your current agreement, your payments will stop once your device has been returned and has been checked by our technicians.

📩 We'll email you with some further information once your current agreement is due to come to an end.

❓ For more information about end of agreement options, click here


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