I have lost my Rental device. What should I do?

Our Rental devices do not come with insurance to cover them if they become lost.

We would recommend checking your own liability insurance as the majority of these do cover unfortunate circumstances such as losing your device. If you are not covered by your own insurance for your item becoming lost, please see below:

If you lose your device, please contact us as soon as possible as we can block all services against GSMA’s IMEI database, including 3G, 4G, and 5G to ensure no one can use your device’s data.  This works by submitting the IMEI number of the device to a blacklist, which halts all your device's cellular services. 

We will also update the status of your rental agreement accordingly, to show the item has been reported as lost. 
You will then receive confirmation of a fee which is calculated based on the estimated value of the device. You will be required to pay this 7 days after the item is reported as lost. 

If you find the item within 7 days, please reach out to us immediately, as we can cancel the fee and continue the Rental agreement.


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