My Rental device has been stolen. What do I do?

Our Rental devices do not come with insurance to cover them if they get lost, or stolen. 

We would recommend checking your own liability insurance as a majority of these do cover unfortunate situations such as this. If you are not covered by your own insurance, please see below:

If your device has become stolen, at any stage of your Rental Agreement, please let a member of our team know as soon as you can by contacting our customer support team through Live Chat, or by sending us an email. 

We will then update the status of your rental agreement, to show the device has been stolen, and block the device, to prevent it from being used. All services on your device will be blocked to prevent anyone else from using or accessing your data. 

You will then be liable to pay a calculated fee for the value of the device. This will be collected within 7 days of the device being reported as stolen on our system. 

If you manage to retrieve the item within 7 days, the fee can be cancelled and the rental agreement can continue. 


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