How can I change or update my card details?

IMPORTANT: Please read the full article before proceeding to update your details related to a rental order.

To update your card details, you will first need to open My Account and click on the My Rental Orders tab in the top left. 

👉 Find your rental order in your My Rental Orders section

👉 Click View Order

👉 Then click Manage Payments

You'll then be taken to your rental account dashboard. You may need to log in again using your musicMagpie email and password.

On your rental dashboard, you must then:

👉 Scroll down to the Your Registered Cards section.

👉Click Add New Card 

👉 Fill in your new card details and then save.

Your rental payment details will now be updated and saved for future instalments.


Please Note: The 'Payment Details' option within your My Account page is not for your Rental order.

These details are only used for Trade order payments. Changing your details here will have no effect on updating the payment information for your rental order. Rental payments are taken via card, not direct debit. 





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