How do I change the details on my Rental Order?

We do not currently offer customers the option to update their address, or email address on existing orders directly via MyAccount. 

If you update your details on your account this will not have any impact on existing orders, and if you return existing orders for replacement or repair, it will be sent to the original address on the order, and communication will be sent to the original email address. 

Please contact our Customer Service Team immediately if you are changing information and have an ongoing Rental Agreement with us.

If you are changing the address, we will require proof of your new address, and we can then process this for you. 

If we are not notified of any detail changes, and a returned item is sent back to the incorrect address, we will not be responsible for the loss of the device. We will also not be liable for any issues faced due to an incorrect email address being registered to the order. 

Our Customer Service Team can be contacted via email, Live Chat, or telephone on 0808 196 4674.





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