What if I don't select a renewal option?

📩 Within 14 days of your current rental agreement coming to an end, we will send you a bespoke renewal email with some options for you to choose from.

📆 If you do not choose any of the options presented to you within the final 14 days of your rental agreement ending, we will place you on a rolling 30-day agreement at your original monthly rental price.

What happens if I'm placed on a rolling 30-day agreement?

👉 Essentially nothing changes. We'll continue to debit your monthly rental price on your current payment date.

Why should I think about renewing?

✅ You can benefit from bespoke options based on your payment history and credit score at the end of your 12-month agreement such as:

▶ Upgrading to a better model for a better monthly price
▶ Keeping your current model for a better monthly price


How can I renew my contract if I've been put on a 30-day rolling monthly agreement?

💬 In order to renew, you'll have to contact our customer service team. They will be able to offer you some great renewal options!

📦 If after speaking to our customer service team you decide that you don't want to renew, you can return your rental device back to us and we'll end your agreement*.

❓ For further information on returning your device and ending your agreement, click here

Subject to a condition review.

Customer service opening hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm.


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